Welcome to Oxford Financial Planners of Durango Colorado

Steve Pease, Dave Smiley and Matt Hoaglin are advisors in the Durango office of Dynamic Wealth Advisors. We specialize in financial planning, retirement planning and investment management.  


Established in Durango in 2004, we have always offered clients an alternative to the commission or stockbroker world by delivering objective financial advice that is free of ulterior motives. We pride ourselves in establishing relationships with our clients through full disclosure and build lasting connections through financial education and retirement planning.

Steve and Dave are both CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. 


Our Mission

"We are dedicated to planning a successful retirement for our clients"


How we see the investment world

Rather than basing investment decisions on predictions of which way the debt and equity markets are headed, we believe a wiser strategy is to hold a range of investments that focus on systematic and robust strategies to fit your needs.  Investors who are broadly diversified across asset classes and around the globe are best positioned to potentially enjoy the returns that markets have delivered over time. 


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