Client Profile

Small Business Owners


The freedom and pride of owning a small business often comes at the expense of working around the clock all year long with little savings at the end of your year. Matt, a small business owner in Durango for the past 13 years, has lived this struggle. He received sound investment advice a few years back that has resulted in his ability to increase his savings and security. This evolution is what inspired Matt to join Oxford Financial Planners in an effort to guide fellow business owners - Matt and his wife, Allison, continue to own and operate their business today, after all - along the path to financial security.

So If you...

  • Are a Small Business Owner and want to save more than you currently are

  • Want your business to fulfill the dreams you had when you started (vacations, retirement, college, etc.)

  • Want your money to work for you and are sick of banks giving you nothing on your savings

  • Want to do something big in the future and know you need to save money now to make it happen

Give Matt a call and see how he can help.




The retirement plan for teachers can be confusing, even for educators! While most teachers have enough on their desks without diving into complex accounts, showing up every day and merely trusting that a nest egg will be waiting can lead to decades of anxiety. As a former Math teacher at Durango High School, Matt understands both the challenges as well as the solutions to shining a light on the road to retirement. His guidance can help you plan and manage your hard-earned retirement accounts by clarifying your current situation, when to retire, and what that retirement looks like.


If you are a teacher that…

  • Is just getting started and wants to make sure they are maximizing all the options available to you

  • Lost in retirement and just need a professional to help you navigate

  • Near retirement and knows it is important that you make a plan so you know when and if you can retire

Call Matt; he can help.


Individuals and Couples


Between employer retirement plans, personal IRA’s, and social security, most Americans do their best to set themselves up for a comfortable retirement. But the complex systems have never been easy to understand. And, quite frankly, we have been taught most of our lives that talking about money is impolite. But, much like there are professionals who train to diagnose car troubles and inspect houses, Matt has trained to connect your personal situation to your specific goals. A well-thought-out plan is always better than no plan at all. And it’s easier than you think!


If you…

  • Have an old 401K or retirement plan with an old employer and want to take back control of it.

  • Are looking for help with retirement and don’t know where to start

  • Already started and want to make sure you are on the right path.

  • Are near retirement and want to make sure it is time to retire

Call Matt; he would love to help