My Investment Philosophy

Clients often come to me because they are unsure if they have the right investments to meet their goals and perhaps want a second opinion. Determining this is a function of financial planning.  Investment management and financial planning are inextricably linked.

Also in making this determination,  I consider the most important elements to be diversification and risk. Greater return comes from taking on greater risk, which can be mitigated with diversification. Rather than striving for the highest possible returns, I seek the best return for the level of risk that is appropriate and required to meet your goals.

Overall here are my tenets of what is important.

1. Successful investing depends on a belief in the future.

2. Investing is a tool to achieve your financial goals.

3. The mix of stocks, bond and cash determines most portfolio behavior.

4. Since the future is unknowable, diversify to spread the risk.

5. Structure portfolios to pursue characteristics of higher expected returns.

6. Investing costs matter.

7. Attempting to time the market is a loser's game in the long run.

8. Real life investing returns depend on large part on investor behavior.

My investment approach incorporates: 

  • The need for liquidity perhaps to generate income or as an emergency fund.
  • Risk profiling to understand your tolerance for risk.
  • Understanding time horizons.
  • Effective tax planning to minimize your liability.
  • Working with strategic partners for fund selection.
  • Providing my clients a quarterly portfolio report separate from the custodian that is easy to understand and shows the portfolio's true rate of return, net of all fees.